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How to Become a Sponsor of Blockchain Journal

As a part of Blockchain Journal’s (BCJ) commitment to remain a neutral entity within the industry and to help offset the cost of operating our website and all of its other channels of engagement (YouTube, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, etc.), we invite organizations from across the industry to participate in our contributed content and sponsorship programs.

These programs are in their infancy, so they may be a bit more informally administered than the systematic programs that exist with other media concerns. Over time, the BCJ team aims to evolve these opportunities.

Blockchain Journal’s Audience

We believe that BCJ is a one-of-a-kind media property. Our mission is to provide business and technology decision makers with the content they need to make informed choices when it comes to using blockchain to drive new or improved business outcomes. This content ranges from our comprehensive technological primers to our interviews with key players from across the industry to our various directories that are organized to not only help readers understand what solutions are available to them, but to also see what solutions are being adopted by other enterprises as those organizations move forward with their plans to unlock the unique business proposition of blockchain as an application platform.

BCJ is not about the daily ongoings of the global cryptocurrency market. The first question we ask when considering the creation of any new content is, “How does this matter to someone making a decision about how blockchain can drive new or improved business outcomes?” While the second-by-second shifting values of the various cryptocurrencies are relevant to enterprises that hold crypto in their treasuries to support ongoing payment programs or chain costs (and how strategic chain costs are impacted by the volatility of the protocol tokens of their chosen public blockchains), BCJ intentionally leaves the crypto investment, trading, and arbitrage conversations to the media properties that target cryptocurrency investors.

We believe in doing one thing and doing it well. If you are interested in participating in one of our sponsorship or contributed content opportunities, we ask that you please consider our target audience when making your decision. By design, our audience is not nearly as big as the retail cryptocurrency investor audience. But, where we lack that sort of quantity (even though the nascent enterprise blockchain audience is growing), we make up for it in quality. Each enterprise decision-maker who visits BCJ typically has influence over a multi-million-dollar business technology budget.

Blockchain Journal’s Sponsorship Opportunities

BCJ is very early into its journey, and since our launch in January 2023, our focus has been on building a strategic publishing and data infrastructure that enables our small team to scale its content efforts in a way that over-delivers our mission to our target audience. The cliche for this is “punching above our weight class.” As of the time of the publication of this notice, the most significant parts of this build-out are nearing completion and we’re turning our attention toward the industry’s involvement in our editorial mission and long-term viability.

The first sponsorship opportunity that is available to BCJ’s underwriters involves promoted listings within our various directories. As can be seen from our directory of blockchains, we’ve endeavored to create an alphabetical listing of most of the public blockchains of any consequence. There is no cost to being listed in this and our other directories, and we welcome suggestions on missing or erroneous listings. Similar to the promoted listings that appear on popular search engines, we now offer the opportunity to float sponsored blockchain listings (including an additional commercial message and hyperlink) to the top of our directory. As also can be seen on our blockchain directory, Hedera is a public blockchain that has taken advantage of this opportunity. So, the Hedera-promoted listing offers a good example of what other promoted listings will look like.

Initially, our blockchain, token, and project directories will allow for up to three promoted listings. Over time, we may expand this to allow for more entries. Interested parties should use the email address [email protected] to learn more about participation.

A Message about Blockchain Journal’s Editorial Independence and Neutrality

The BCJ team is committed to the highest standards of editorial integrity, which includes objectivity and fairness when it comes to covering the blockchain industry. Not only does sponsorship of BCJ not guarantee favorable coverage of a sponsor by our editorial team, but it doesn’t even guarantee any coverage. In fact, the entire point of our sponsorship program is to enable sponsors to influence what messages are seen by the BCJ audience without compromising our editorial integrity.

To this extent, BCJ believes in the principles of disclosure that clarify which types of content that appear across our various channels are sponsored. Wherever and whenever content is prioritized or published as a result of a sponsorship program, BCJ will include a disclosure that indicates that the content is sponsored, along with a link to the description of the sponsored content program that you’re reading now.

As always, BCJ welcomes feedback on the design of its user experience, the operation of our site, and the content we publish. For non-editorial inquiries, please write to [email protected]. For editorial inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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