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Adidas Announces Launch Of Digital Art NFT Project To Support Web3 Artists

Milestone Date: August 31, 2023


Global streetwear and lifestyle brand adidas first entered Web3 in 2021. Now, the brand is continuing to make an impact in the space by launching its new digital art program: RESIDENCY by adidas.

Beyond streetwear, adidas aspires to be deeply connected to cultural movements in music and art. Stacey King, Global Head of Communications & Activation for the adidas /// Studio, said in an interview with NFT Now, “We’ve really always been at the intersection of culture, you know, art and music, fashion… and while we are a fashion and apparel footwear company and sporting company, it felt like the next step in our Web3 journey was to use our platform to support artists.”

Because artists in Web3 generally lack resources and broad audiences, this program, if successful, could sustainably provide artists with the tools, resources, and platform they need to thrive in Web3. “Whether that’s a physical product, whether that’s virtual creation, whether that’s our marketing and our reputation, and our platform. All of those things are the things that we want to offer to artists and that’s what we aim to do with the program,” said King.

adidas /// Studio has already announced its first two artists who are part of the residency program: MonkeeMoto and Adra Kandil, known popularly as DearNostalgia. Their art will be represented as part of adidas’s first-ever Limited and Open Edition NFT sale from September 6th to 11th, 2023.

adidas continues to embrace Web3 and blockchain initiatives, leading the way for global brands to enter the space.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:August 31, 2023



Exclusive: adidas /// Studio’s RESIDENCY — Elevating Emerging Artists in the Web3

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adidas Announces web3 Artist Residency

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