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DraftKings To Launch Digital Marketplace And Sports-related NFTs

Milestone Date: July 21, 2021


DraftKings is taking the plunge into Web3 with plans to create the DraftKings Marketplace. The DraftKings Marketplace will be a digital collectibles ecosystem that will allow the online gambling enterprise to curate NFT drops, support secondary sales of NFTs, and provide a platform for its community to seamlessly buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles directly within their DraftKings account.

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DraftKings MarketplaceDraftKings Marketplace

DraftKings Marketplace will sit at the center of this technological and cultural phenomenon, providing our immense existing customer base with an easily accessible experience that rivals all legacy marketplaces. This initial vision in collaboration with Autograph, and its coveted collection of official digital collectibles, is a vital first step as we enter the emergent NFT market. We aim to usher in this new era by introducing millions of collectors to this evolving space while providing beloved content through an intuitive interface built to win over the long term,” stated Matt Kalish, DraftKings co-founder and president.

Additionally, DraftKings Marketplace will serve as the exclusive platform to distribute sports-related NFT collectibles from Autograph, which was founded by Tom Brady. Autograph leverages the official licensing of world-famous sports athletes and celebrities to create and distribute NFTs.

DraftKings’ foray into Web3 is an exciting opportunity to build closer relationships between sports celebrities and their fanbases, as well as leverage innovative technology to bring users high-quality, personalized content and exclusive access to collectibles.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:June 21, 2021



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