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Mars’ Starburst Juicyverse Is Announced At SXSW 2023 With TheMall.io

Milestone Date: April 20, 2023


Mars, a US-based multinational food company, announced it is launching the STARBURST JUICYVERSE in partnership with TheMall.io, the world’s largest virtual shopping mall. At SXSW 2023, Mars announced the addition of the Starburst Juicyverse to its virtual shopping experience.

This is the first-ever virtual experience for Starburst — an iconic fruity candy that’s loved by consumers in the United States. This virtual experience will enable consumers to uniquely interact with the brand, play games, shop, and create their own digital art. “Through our STARBURST JUICYVERSE, we hope to inspire moments of everyday happiness and deliver an exciting, immersive way for fans to experience the STARBURST brand,” said Ro Cheng, Marketing Director, Mars.

To celebrate the launch, SXSW hosted an “Unwrapping” event to give consumers a peek into the STARBURST JUICYVERSE. Attendees were gifted with an exclusive SXSW STARBURST Juicyverse wearable for their avatars.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:April 20, 2023



TheMall.io Launches Starburst Juicyverse at SXSW 2023!


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