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Two Luxury Brands, Bugatti And Asprey, Join Forces To Launch Phygital “NFT”

Milestone Date: April 5, 2023

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The partnership between iconic luxury brands Bugatti and Asprey began in 2022, and this launch of a phygital “NFT” takes this partnership to the next level by allowing them to work together in the physical and digital realms. The initiative has the appearance of an NFT program, but relies on the Ordinals protocol, which makes NFT-like assets possible — officially referred to as “inscriptions” — on the Bitcoin blockchain (which itself inherently lacks support for the types of NFTs found on smart contract-enabled distributed ledgers).

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The Asprey Bugatti Egg CollectionThe Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection

The Asprey Bugatti Egg NFT collection from these two luxury brands is the first to inscribe digital content to the Bitcoin blockchain. The brands partnered with Metagood to create the egg NFT and put the collection onto the Bitcoin network using the Ordinals protocol, so that the collection will be an heirloom forever. The egg design is inspired by Ettore Bugatti, Carlo Bugatti’s father. Ettore has stated, “The purest perfect shape of nature is the egg.”

The design also incorporates heritage features significant to both of the brands as well, as stated by Ali Walker, Chief Creative Officer at Asprey Studio: “We are proud to present the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection, an object with an eggshell made from carbon fiber, creating the perfect egg shape and paying homage to Bugatti’s design DNA. It’s encased within a sterling silver diamond weave lattice, gently angled downwards to a curved base portraying movement and echoing Asprey’s heritage in jewelry. A dancing elephant motif repeats across the surface of the egg; a perfectly 3D-scanned and miniaturized reincarnation of Rembrandt Bugatti’s famous sculpture, which adorned the bonnet of the Bugatti Type 41 Royale.”

The collection signals an innovation for luxury in Web3 that will coincide with the opening of the Asprey Studio Gallery in Mayfair, London in April 2023. The Asprey Studio Gallery will be a Web3 exhibition space that will showcase masterpieces from Asprey and creations with emerging artists.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:April 5, 2023



Asprey and Bugatti Unite With Phygital NFT ‘Objet’ Eggs


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