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Category: Central Bank

Blockchain Adoption Tracker

Bank of Japan to Pilot Test the “Digital Yen”

The Bank of Japan shared that it will launch a pilot program to test its central bank digital currency (CBDC), the “Digital Yen,” in April 2023. The institution kicked off a proof-of-concept in April 2021 in which it built an experimental environment centered around a CBDC ledger, which is the foundation of a CBDC system.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:April 19, 2023

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LCX CEO Monty Metzger Literally Wrote the Book on Blockchain Banking

Monty Metzger is the CEO of enterprise blockchain consultancy LCX, based in the country of Liechtenstein, where many of the nation's regulations regarding blockchain are already in place (creating som...

World Economic ForumCentral Bank
By David BerlindPublished:January 16, 2023
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