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Category: NFT


Blockchain Adoption Tracker

McDonald’s Singapore Launching 2,000 Grimace NFTs

McDonald’s lovers have the chance to mint a limited edition Grimace non-fungible token (NFT) for free via the McDonald’s app during the week of August 21. The digital collectibles are being produced with the assistance of the Singapore-based metaverse service provider Bandwagon Labs and NFT artist The Hidden Walls.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:August 15, 2023

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Paris-Based Web3 Consultant Doors3 Helps Some of The World's Biggest Brands with Blockchain Strategy

While Blockchain Journal has been spending time connecting with some of the biggest consultancies (the so-called "Final Four") to understand how their blockchain practices — typically one of the multi...

NFT.NYCNFTCustomer Engagement
By David BerlindPublished:May 5, 2023
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MetaZ Will Custody Your Collectible Sneakers In a Vault and Issue NFTs as Certificates of Ownership

One of the biggest conversations in the blockchain industry that tends to fly below the radar has to do with the custody of digital assets. It's so important that the word "custody" has actually becom...

By David BerlindPublished:May 4, 2023
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XRPL Commons President David Bchiri: Education is a Prerequisite to Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

David Berlind, the host of the Blockchain Journal Podcast, interviews David Bchiri, President of XRPL Commons, an independent non-profit organization that helps to drive the success of the XRP ecosyst...

By David BerlindPublished:May 3, 2023
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Decentralization of Trust Still Not Fully Solved by Blockchain says Co-Founder of Tether and Wax

Here in the halls of Blockchain Journal's virtual offices, we've come up with a name for an unsolved blockchain identity problem for which no scalable, technological solution exists as far as we know....

By David BerlindPublished:April 23, 2023
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GuardianLink CEO Discusses NFT Strategy and Execution Work it Does for Pepsi, Cadbury, and LA Times

When it comes to NFT marketplaces in Asia, they don't get much bigger than Jump.trade which claims to be the biggest of them all. Jump.trade is just one of the businesses operated by the site's parent...

By David BerlindPublished:April 20, 2023
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Big Event Ticketing is the Next Phase of How NFTs Will Be Used: Dapper Labs' O'Hagan

When it comes to concerts and professional sports, two of the biggest brands experimenting with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the National Football League (NFL) and Ticketmaster. NFL Sr. Director Eme...

By David BerlindPublished:April 19, 2023
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Niftmint Looks to Take The Friction Out of Enterprise NFT Deployment

As buzz phrases go, "the NFT is the new cookie" is getting some traction in enterprise blockchain circles because of the incredible shrinking usefulness of cookies; bits of data that, when allowed int...

By David BerlindPublished:April 18, 2023
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