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Category: Smart Contracts



Enterprises Fear Not. Blockchain Smart Contracts Are Upgradable and Blockchain Journal Proves It

Blockchain Journal kept hearing about a legendary obstacle to the adoption of blockchain as an application development platform; an inability to upgrade custom-developed code (known as smart contracts). If true, it would be a deal breaker for many organizations. But, as BCJ’s lab tests proved (and as the cool kids say), “that’s cap” (fake news).

By Bob Reselman

Published:June 21, 2023

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23 min read

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Hyperledger Exec Director Waxes on Linux Foundation's Role in Driving Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Hyperledger Executive Director Daniela Barbosa is no stranger to the need for, and the importance of, open standards and open source in driving technology adoption. Especially among enterprises. In fa...
World Economic ForumSmart ContractsInteroperability
By David BerlindPublished:January 20, 2023

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