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Enhanced Contextual Glossary Functionality

The pages of BlockchainJournal.com include a contextual feature we call "Glossary Hovers." When the text of our posts includes phrases that appear in our glossary, we colorize those phrases in a way that our users can hover their mouse pointers over those phrases to get an abbreviated definition and a link to click through to the actual glossary entry. 

However, our initial implementation was a little quirky. For example, while the word "account" is not an entry in our glossary, we do consider it to be synonymous with the phrase "Distributed Ledger Account" (a phrase that is in our glossary). And, what's really cool about our contextual glossary hovers is that they work with synonyms too. So, if the word "account" appears in one of our articles (ahead of any occurrences of "Distributed Ledger Account") , it will activate the contextual glossary hover for "Distributed Ledger Account." It's a neat feature. However, if the first occurrence of the word "account" in an article was part of the phrase "bank account," the contextual glossary hover would activate, even though the intention was to discuss a bank account and not a distributed ledger account. So, we came up with a way to manually override the behavior that's kind of like blacklisting. 

By {"title":"david.berlind","link":""}January 27, 2023
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