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Finished Reconfiguration of Blockchain Deployment Tables

In preparation for our forthcoming Enterprise Blockchain Adoption Tracker, we had to reconfigure the schemas of multiple tables in our CMS to support the intended user experience. The new versions of these tables tie into the rest of our strategic data fabric (not yet visible to the public) that will serve as foundation for all of our content. We've been curating the data and storing it with separate tools until the CMS version is ready and then we'll do a migration. For example, we have one table for all of the organizations (already heavily populated!) that get mentioned in our articles and another table for all the distributed ledgers we talk about. But our tables for the adoption tracker needed some one-to-many adjustments to adequately track the journeys of the deployments we'll be covering while also providing the fodder for future visualizations of the blockchain industry. Once the tables are fully baked, we have to modify some of our data entry forms (replete with logic for error traps to protect database integrity) to properly support those databases. Mockups of the U/X are in-flight.

By {"title":"david.berlind","link":""}March 15, 2023
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