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Confused about all the blockchain terminology and phraseology? So were we. Especially given how there are so many different definitions for the same things. We at Blockchain Journal don’t necessarily want to add to the confusion with yet another blockchain glossary (yes, there are many). However, any productive multi-stakeholder conversation about blockchain in the enterprise must be rooted in a common blockchain vernacular. And the same is true of all of our content. Therefore, over time, the terms in our glossary will not just be about simple definitions to which you and your stakeholders and our content can align. For each blockchain term and phrase in our glossary, we will also help you to understand the enterprise relevance.

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What is the definition of an airdrop?An airdrop is the act of distributing tokens (fungible or non-fungible) to numerous wallet addresses. Airdrops or “drops” are often used as a marketing tool for cryptocurrency start-ups. What are examples of fungible and non-fungible token airdrops?There are some subtle differences between the typical drop of actual cryptocurrency (fungible tokens) and non-fungible tokens. In the case of a cryptocurrency airdrop, a project may announce that it is offering fre...
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