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Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei Files Trademarks For NFTs

Milestone Date: January 28, 2023

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Huaewi has filed eight trademark applications related to its Huawei “YunYunBao” NFTs.

The trademark applications signal Huawei’s intentions to use digital collectibles in the scientific instruments, furniture, education, jewelry, advertising and telecom sectors.

The YunYunBao NFTs were announced in April 2022 and showcased characters inspired by Huawei’s cloud service. The NFTs are minted on the company’s proprietary blockchain called Huawei Petal Chain, which claims to have over 1,000 nodes and also the capacity to process over 50,000 transactions per second (a claim that Blockchain Journal cannot verify, and according to ChainSpect, even the busiest and fastest public chains have yet to be challenged with transactional loads anywhere close to that magnitude).

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:January 28, 2023



Huawei moves to trademark its NFTs


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