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Dolce & Gabbana Partners With UNXD To Launch NFT Community And "DGFamily Box" NFTs

Milestone Date: February 22, 2022


After the success of its first digital fashion launch, Italian fashion designer Dolce & Gabbana called upon UNXD once again, this time to create an NFT community and more NFTs.

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Dolce & Gabbana NFT & Metaverse ProgramDolce & Gabbana NFT & Metaverse Program

Dolce & Gabbana has partnered with UNXD to create its second NFT collection, DGFamily Boxes. These digital art NFTs will serve as a membership pass to the DGFamily Community. The DGFamily Boxes will be designed using the Italian Carretto style and will have three tiers, each increasing with rarity: Black, Golden, and Platinum. The DGFamily NFT Community members will be able to access a behind-the-scenes look into luxury fashion and score exclusive perks, like limited-edition merchandise and real-life experiences depending on which tier NFT they own.

The NFTs will be available only to selected people who are registered on the waiting list, and there will be a raffle to select which wait listers will get the chance to mint an NFT.

DGFamily holders will be able to participate in future airdrops, events, and collaborations.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:February 22, 2022


Press Release

Dolce & Gabbana Partners with UNXD to Establish DGFamily NFT Community by Launching Digital Boxes


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