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FOX Corp Launches Tool To Authenticate Digital Media Content

Milestone Date: January 9, 2024


Amid growing concerns about disinformation, misinformation, deepfakes, and misrepresentation of facts, FOX Corporation has launched Verify, an open-sourced protocol designed to verify the authenticity and source of digital content.

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Blockchain Creative Labs Verify ToolBlockchain Creative Labs Verify Tool

FOX’s Blockchain Creative Labs created Verify Tool to address the growing issues posed by media that are generated with artificial intelligence and is designed to offer a dependable system for fact-checking, such as verifying digital content.

Verify uses digital signatures to enable publishers to place media on the Blockchain in a way that makes it possible to trace subsequent publications and other uses of that content back to its original source. For example, news outlets can upload articles on Verify, which are then converted into NFTs using Ethereum’s ERC-6150 standard for hierarchical NFTs (essentially, an extension of the ERC-721 NFT standard, which is non-hierarchical). Such NFTs can be useful in social media applications where an original piece of content is often remixed or mashed up into new derivations that might pervert the original version.

The public can use Verify to search the unique token ID of these NFTs to find the original source of any content logged in the protocol. This feature is beneficial in an era when AI and similar technologies can effortlessly replicate and spread information without clear attribution.

Right now, Verify only supports FOX-owned media properties, and the company has minted 80,000+ pieces of content. FOX is in the process of seeking other media outlets to use Verify, so we could expect more media and blockchain fusion soon.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:January 9, 2024



Fox Launches Tool to Verify Online Content as Authentic — and Not AI-Generated Fakes or Misinformation


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