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LG Electronics Chooses Hedera To Bring NFTs To Television

Milestone Date: September 4, 2022

NFT Marketplace

LG Electronics has selected the Hedera Network to bring NFTs to its TVs. LG is a Hedera node operator and has been on Hedera’s Governing Council since 2020.

LG is launching an NFT marketplace called the “LG Art Lab” — built on the Hedera Network — that will enable LG television owners to buy, sell, and trade NFTs when their WebOS-enabled televisions are updated to the latest LG software. LG's mobile crypto wallet, Wallypto, makes it easy for users to acquire assets by scanning a QR code to link their wallets as well.

The company wants to make NFTs more accessible to users who want to enter the space, which is why they are investing in creating the LG Art Lab and integrating NFT functionality. As Web3 adoption grows, early adopters who make interacting with blockchain technology easier will be at an advantage. LG isn’t the only one adding NFTs to TV — earlier this year Samsung announced three new smart TV models that will feature an NFT application in the user’s Smart Hub.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:September 4, 2022



LG Shuns Ethereum, Picks Hedera for Television NFTs


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