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LG Electronics Files For Patent For TV With NFT Trading Functionality

Milestone Date: May 23, 2023

NFT Marketplace

Electronics giant LG is filing a patent for a television that will allow users to trade NFTs. The TV would be able to connect to an NFT market server, display previews of NFT artwork, and allow users to complete NFT purchases with their crypto wallet that would be connected to the TV.

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LG Electronics TV NFT PlatformLG Electronics TV NFT Platform

LG is no stranger to blockchain technology. They have been a Hedera Network node operator since 2020, and the brand brought Hedera NFTs to their TVs by releasing the “LG Art Lab” marketplace.

Filing for a patent indicates that LG anticipates sustained consumer interest in NFTs and recognizes a business opportunity to enhance accessibility to showcase and trade NFTs via television.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:May 12, 2023



LG Electronics Seeks Patent for TV Which Lets Users Trade NFTs


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