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The NEAR Foundation Teams Up With Alibaba Cloud To Scale Web3 In Asia And Middle East

Milestone Date: June 25, 2023

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The NEAR Foundation, which supports the development of the NEAR protocol, is teaming up with Alibaba Cloud, the Amazon Web Services-like cloud infrastructure arm of e-commerce giant Alibaba, to drive blockchain adoption in the geographies served by Alibaba Cloud.

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Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure for Web3 DevelopersAlibaba Cloud Infrastructure for Web3 Developers

Through this collaboration, the NEAR Foundation will get access to developers who work with Alibaba Cloud to achieve the goal of attracting more developers across Asia and the Middle East to build on top of the NEAR protocol. The developers will receive an enhanced experience that’s designed to ease on-boarding and ongoing development. Those who launch NEAR validators on Alibaba’s Cloud will be able to use Alibaba’s “plug-and-play” provisioning services.

The two organizations are also working to make Alibaba Cloud’s services more accessible to existing NEAR ecosystem participants through Alibaba-specific remote procedure calls (RPCs). This means that someone who wants to run a NEAR node using a cloud infrastructure provider now has access to Alibaba Cloud as a new infrastructure option. Through such RPCs, node operators can analyze blockchain data and send transactions to various networks.

“The NEAR Foundation and Alibaba Cloud partnership is an important one as we continue to support Web3 developers to explore opportunities. It is also significant for developers and validators in the Asian markets, as they can leverage Alibaba Cloud’s comprehensive infrastructure in Asia,” said Raymond Xiao, head of international Web3 solutions at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:June 26, 2023



NEAR Foundation Partners With Alibaba Cloud to Accelerate Web3 Growth in Asia


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