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Deployed FAQPage Schema to Glossary Pages

For search engine optimization reasons, we are making the FAQPage Schema optionally available to all of our glossary pages. Our implementation of the FAQPage Schema supports up to five questions along with brief answers that are 45 words or less. In order to support the schema, our content management system (and the authoring tools we use) had to be reconfigured to support these 10 new fields (2 per FAQ question/answer pair). Then, knowing that we wouldn't have those fields filled out for all existing glossary terms from day one, we wrote the logic to optionally include the schema on glossary pages where the those fields in our CMS contained content, and then to omit the schema on pages where those fields in our CMS were still empty. Over time, we'll get to all of them and our rule for new glossary pages is to always launch with the FAQ fields finished. 

Worth noting is how, on the pages where this work is complete (like this one), the FAQ questions match the subheadings of the content on the public facing user experience. However, the answers provided in the FAQ answer fields are just summaries of the longer form content provided on the public facing pages. Still left to do is add a Table of Contents that summarizes all of the sub-headings on our glossary pages (coming in 2023Q2). Here's an example of what the FAQPage Schema looks like in the HTML source of one of our glossary web pages:

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