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Fiat Launches FIAT Pass For A New Web3 Customer Experience

Milestone Date: November 20, 2023

Customer Engagement

On November 21, 2023, Fiat Automobiles, the Italian car manufacturer, launched an on-chain customer experience with FIAT Pass.

FIAT Pass serves as the brand’s membership-like card to a new Web3 loyalty program for Fiat fans and owners and marks the company’s first steps in utilizing blockchain technologies and creating a Web3 community centered around co-creation, collection, and rewards.

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Aside from FIAT Pass being a collectible for Fiat enthusiasts, it will provide exclusive rewards and experiences for the global “FIATians” community across the digital and physical realms.

Different from many traditional brands’ ventures into blockchain programs, Fiat offered membership to the FIAT Pass with a free, all-inclusive airdrop. The FIAT Pass was announced on the company’s official social media pages on November 16th in celebration of the modern Dolce Vita.

As opposed to targeting just Web3-native users, Fiat took a more accessible approach, with a supply of 55,000 tokens and by opening the launch to everybody, with a priority toward the brand’s existing loyal customers.

Each FIAT Pass is a dynamic NFT minted on the Arbitrum blockchain, which the program noted as a strategic selection aligned with its vision and innovative goals.

The airdrop’s gas fees were even covered for users, further reducing the barriers of entry.

Fiat partnered with Web3 creative studio Web3Audience to build out the Pass initiative and Web3 brand experience with the intention of engaging with the brand's customers in a deep, genuine, and decentralized way.

The brand also tapped Zealy, a user-friendly platform that aims to drive community growth and engagement through incentivized quests and rewards. With Zealy, Fiat built the Pass whitelist for users who completed the early quests.

Users were able to join the whitelist with their own Arbitrum wallet or via email.

By Sophie Waldman

Published:April 1, 2024



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