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FIAT Pass Celebrates Fiat’s All-Electric Cars With NFT Collectibles

Milestone Date: December 4, 2023

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In honor of Fiat’s all-electric car release, the automotive brand launched a collection of digital collectibles to gift holders with early access to preorder the vehicle.

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On December 5, 2023, Fiat’s Web3 program, FIAT Pass, opened its mint for the Cinquecento collection of digital collectibles for the brand’s Web2 and Web3-native fans. This collection marked FIAT Pass’ first official mint in celebration of the FIAT (500e) Red vehicle, which will launch in the US in Q1 2024. The collection consisted of 10,000 NFTs minted as ERC-721 tokens on the Arbitrum blockchain. Each NFT was priced at 0.067 ETH, approximately US$150 at the time of writing.

The brand first announced the upcoming mint on November 30th, just days after the FIAT Pass airdrop closed for Pass members to receive exclusive first entry to mint a Cinquecento NFT. According to the program, benefits of minting Cinquecento included first access to preorder the physical FIAT 500e car, US$180 in Free2move credits, early access to future vehicle releases, digital collection drops, and the planting of a tree by Veritree as a part of their proclamation to “restore critical ecosystems, increase biodiversity, and sequester carbon.”

Fiat also rewarded early minters with two incentives: The first 1,000 minters would automatically receive a free mint of the brand’s next collection, and the first 4,000 would have their FIAT Pass dynamically upgraded to the next tier, FIAT Pass Plus. The collection was also designed by the Italian generative artist Stefan Contiero, with the goal of encapsulating the Fiat fan energy into a piece that represents both the virtual and physical worlds.

Since the collection operated as a blind mint – meaning the art of each NFT would be randomized – FIAT Pass held an “Art Reveal” celebration with Contiero on December 21 for holders to reveal the art attached to their Cinquecento collectibles. The FIAT Pass will eventually allow holders to turn this art into unique accessories for cars and homes.

By Sophie Waldman

Published:April 1, 2024


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