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Foot Locker Launches First-Ever NFT Collection For Its FLX Members In Europe

Milestone Date: June 20, 2023


Foot Locker, an American footwear and apparel retailer, has announced the launch of its first-ever NFT collection exclusively for members of its FLX loyalty program. The NFTs are called “Virtual Stripe Boxes” and will contain a variety of perks.

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Foot Locker Virtual StripesFoot Locker Virtual Stripes

FLX is Foot Locker’s loyalty program that allows members to earn “XPoints” when they make purchases and get free shipping. Once an FLX member has earned 2,000 XPoints, they will be able to receive one of the NFTs.

By owning a Virtual Stripe Box NFT, members will be able to win exclusive prizes and rewards such as additional FLX XPoints, High Heat Sneakers, and Foot Locker Gift Cards. It’s important to note that the NFT is dynamic, therefore it will evolve. In other words, not all benefits endure forever but members should be able to unlock more features over time.

Currently, this initiative is only available to members in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:June 20, 2023



Foot Locker Launches an NFT Collection Available For FLX Members

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