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French Fashion Giant Lacoste Files For Web3-Related Trademarks

Milestone Date: February 17, 2023


Lacoste, the renowned French luxury sportswear and lifestyle brand, has recently submitted trademark applications related to Web3 technologies for its jewelry, luggage, and apparel line named "Champs-Elysees."

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Lacoste NFT & Metaverse ProgramLacoste NFT & Metaverse Program

These applications cover plans related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto transaction software, virtual clothing, footwear, sports gear, stores for virtual goods, and providing virtual real estate services. By pursuing these trademarks, Lacoste is signaling its interest and potential involvement in the intersection of NFTs and the metaverse, along with cryptocurrency payments.

In June 2022, Lacoste unveiled its NFT initiative called "UNDW3," which provided NFT holders with exclusive access to the Lacoste Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and the brand's exclusive virtual releases.

Lacoste also collaborated with Arianee, a fashion-oriented NFT platform, in November 2022 to create an immersive metaverse shopping experience where fashion enthusiasts had the opportunity to explore the virtual Lacoste store and immerse themselves in three distinct crocodile-themed rooms, thereby blending the digital and physical realms in a novel and engaging way. These endeavors are key indicators of Lacoste's dedication to leveraging emerging technologies and creating innovative experiences for its audience.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:February 17, 2023



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