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Hyundai Expands Its Metamobility Vision With Launch Of Shooting Star NFT Project

Milestone Date: May 2, 2022


Hyundai Motor Company has teamed up with Meta Kongz to become the first automaker to join the NFT market space. This NFT launch celebrated the company’s vision for using NFTs to expand on its brand experience.

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Hyundai’s involvement with NFTs reflects a growing interest among global brands in using blockchain to expand their customer loyalty and engagement objectives through collectibility, self-expression, brand awareness, exclusive benefits, and a domain typically reserved for sports: fandom.

“In the era of the growing influence of digital life, we tried to figure out how to deliver Hyundai Motor’s brand experience to our customers and decided that NFT could become a new digital way to form fandom,” said the Hyundai Motor Brand Communication team in charge of the NFT project. “As the era of Web 3.0 comes, we want to provide an experience where customers can directly participate in and communicate with the brand through NFTs.”

Hyundai Motor's NFT brand is centered around the “Metamobility Universe,” an extension of the metamobility concept previously introduced by Hyundai Motor Group at CES. This perspective encapsulates Hyundai Motor Company’s futuristic vision, one that transcends “time and space” through digital technology.

Hyundai’s Shooting Star NFTs (left) are meant to eventually transform into NFTs that demonstrate the versatility of the company’s Mobile Eccentric Droids (aka MobED), which are a real-world autonomous robotic product of its Metamobility program.

On May 9 2022, Hyundai launched its Shooting Star NFT to expand on its Metamobility vision, and it contained a “special story that reflected the Metamobility universe worldview. It was not a typical meteorite fragment but a special being that fell on Earth with infinite energy. It was set to transform into a new form of metamobility depending on the place they wanted to explore. On May 30, the first NFT story was completed as the shooting stars were transformed into ‘MobED (Mobile Eccentric Droid).”

Hyundai is publishing YouTube videos that tell the story of a Meta Kongz-inspired ape in a Hyundai Pony Coupe (one of its iconic concept cars from the 1970s) that, taken together, are a shooting star.

With the amount of effort Hyundai is investing into Web3, the automaker is paving the way for how brands can leverage NFTs to enhance awareness of a brand’s current and forthcoming innovations.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:July 12, 2022



Hyundai Motor Launches First Exclusive Metamobility NFT Collection, 'Shooting Star'

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