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Hyundai Launches NFT Membership For Its IONIQ 6 Electric Vehicle

Milestone Date: July 14, 2022


After the launch of its Shooting Star NFTs, Hyundai is back with another NFT launch. This time, the automaker is launching a collection of 5,000 unique IONIQ 6 NFTs, as well as an NFT membership program called “IONIQ Citizenship” for its IONIQ 6 Electric Vehicle.

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Hyundai NFT & Metaverse ProgramHyundai NFT & Metaverse Program

The IONIQ Citizenship will serve as a “utility package” for holders of the IONIQ 6 NFT Collection. This NFT launch is part of Hyundai’s mission to expand its brand experience and provide unique digital content, physical items, and services to its consumers, specifically Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

The collection of 5,000 NFTs includes six different themes: Fun Driving, Stress-Free Driving, Work, Socializing, Healing, and Entertainment. Perhaps referring to some forthcoming utility that goes with the NFTs, the descriptions on them (as they appear on the OpenSea NFT marketplace), say “IONIQ 6 collection is the perfect NFT to hold for electric car fans. Each has unique properties that result in 6 different rarity grades, from Common to Special. Holder utilities will be provided accordingly.” Other global brands are experimenting with the idea of “token gating,” which affords token-holders with exclusive access to a certain utility based on the token they hold. For example, whereas one token gives its holder access to one of a brand’s Discord channels, another token might provide access to different Discord channels belonging to the same brand.

Hyundai’s latest NFT launch is based on the visage of its IONIQ 6 line of electric vehicles.

“Hyundai Motor has continuously explored new methods to connect and involve our customers. The IONIQ 6 NFT Collection is a meaningful endeavor to expand the boundary of NFTs from simple investment and possession to experiences and storytelling,” said Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division, Hyundai Motor Company. “We hope to increase the connection with customers and interact in a more innovative way, based on the unique value of the IONIQ lineup. We will continue to provide ‘phygital (physical + digital)’ experiences that merge the real world and the digital world for the new generation of customers who are more accustomed to digital technology.”

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:July 18, 2022


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Let’s Get ‘Phygital’: Hyundai Motor Adapts IONIQ 6’s Electrified Experience to Digital Space with NFT Collection

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