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Lacoste’s UNDW3 Factory Shop Goes Live

Milestone Date: August 3, 2023


The long-awaited Lacoste UNDW3 Shop is now available exclusively for Lacoste UNDW3 Card NFT holders. Holders can connect their wallet and get access to shop the “Factory Drop,” which includes limited-edition apparel that was co-created by Lacoste designers and the UNDW3 community.

Each apparel item comes with a digital passport and an augmented reality (AR) feature uniquely designed for each item.

Caption: A Lacoste UNDW3 Card as it appears on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace. The Lacoste UNDW3 online store was a token-gated e-commerce experience. When a physical or virtual experience is token-gated, it is only open to people who hold a specific token (in this case, one of the Lacoste UNDW3 cards)

 In addition to getting exclusive access to UNDW3 branded apparel from Lacoste, holders of the UNDW3 Card were also invited to participate in ”The Mission” (essentially, a gamified aspect of the Lacoste UNDW3 Web3 experience)

In addition to being able to shop this exclusive apparel, UNDW3 Card NFT holders are part of “The Mission” and are encouraged to complete challenges, interact with the brand, and access unique perks. Each week, holders have a chance to participate in raffles and win exclusive prizes like merchandise and digital twins.

The holder’s involvement and participation will enable their NFT to dynamically evolve into a Lacoste access card. As holders engage more with the brand, they gradually attain full membership within the Lacoste community and become influential in shaping the legendary brand's future.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:August 3, 2023


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