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Mastercard Releases Music Pass NFT And Web3 Music Accelerator

Milestone Date: April 12, 2023


Mastercard continues to innovate in Web3 by launching the Mastercard Music Pass NFT, a free NFT that gives music fans access to the company’s Web3 music program, the Mastercard Artist Accelerator.

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Mastercard Pass to PricelessMastercard Pass to Priceless

Mastercard invited five artists from around the world to join the Mastercard Artist Accelerator for the opportunity to be mentored by experts to learn how to use the blockchain, monetize their work, and curate a community. The artists will also be taught how to use AI tools from WarpSound (a leading AI music technology platform) to enhance their creative process.

“As a company, we hope to help people, businesses, and our partners around the world better understand and trust how blockchain and digital assets are used – and how our technology can support the ecosystem,” said Mastercard in a statement.

Music fans can mint a Mastercard Music Pass NFT to access Web3 music and educational experiences, follow along the artists’ journeys, and access tools and experience to support their own journeys.

Once the accelerator is completed, the five artists will perform their brand-new tracks in partnership with Billboard Magazine.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:April 12, 2023



Mastercard Drops Free NFTs, Launches Web3 Music Accelerator


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