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Mercedes Launches Pilot Project To Track CO2 Emissions

Milestone Date: January 30, 2020


Mercedes-Benz announced its partnership with Circulor, a blockchain startup, to launch a pilot project that would leverage blockchain technology to track CO2 emissions across the car manufacturer’s cobalt supply chain.

The pilot program will monitor greenhouse gas emissions and the utilization of secondary materials within the battery manufacturing supply chains. Blockchain technology will be deployed to guarantee that all participants adhere to Daimler's sustainability standards throughout the supply chain. This endeavor marks one of Mercedes’ initial steps toward achieving carbon neutrality. Mercedes is collaborating with battery cell suppliers for this project, one of which is CATL.

Cobalt is a key mineral in the production of batteries for electric vehicles. This pilot program signifies Mercedes’ commitment to forging a more sustainable future and making strides under its Ambition 2039 project, which aims for a carbon-neutral passenger car fleet.

Circulor is a U.K.-based company that is developing a blockchain track and trace system for industrial supply chains. In addition to working with Mercedes, it has also worked with Volvo Cars to track recycled cobalt in newly manufactured cars.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:January 30, 2020



How Mercedes is using blockchain to curb carbon emissions


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