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NTT Docomo Launches Scramberry Web3 Wallet

Milestone Date: March 14, 2024

Wallet Technology

NTT Digital, a subsidiary of the telecom giant NTT Docomo, has set its sights on Web3 by launching Scramberry Wallet, a consumer-targeted Web3 wallet. NTT Docomo holds over 40% of Japan's mobile subscription market and is the country's largest provider. This is the first major foray by a telecommunications firm into the consumer Web3 wallet world.

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NTT Digital Scramberry WalletNTT Digital Scramberry Wallet

Scramberry Wallet supports four blockchains: Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and Astar Network. The latter is a Japanese blockchain that has garnered attention from major enterprises like Sony and Toyota. Scramberry was launched in Japan; however, its branding and imagery are in English, which may hint at the company's global aspirations.

NTT Digital plans to cater to all cryptocurrency users, with a specific focus on those new to NFTs. To make using Scramberry easy, the wallet's registration process has been simplified to require just a phone number. This user-friendly approach also includes features such as backup capabilities for private keys and biometric authentication, prioritizing both convenience and security.

Additionally, the company plans to expand its offerings by developing an API for corporate customers who are interested in integrating the wallet's functionalities into their own applications, which would help bridge the gap between traditional business models and the Web3 ecosystem.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:April 1, 2024


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