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Prada Announces Plans For Its Tenth Timecapsule NFT Drop

Milestone Date: March 1, 2023


Since December 2019, fashion powerhouse Prada has been conducting monthly drops of its Timecapsule collection. Then, in June 2022, the company began issuing digital twin NFTs to match each of the physical items in each drop. As a part of the program’s phygital approach, the physical twin to each Timecapsule NFT is emblazoned with a unique serial number that matches the NFT and is delivered with custom packaging. This month, Prada is announcing the tenth NFT drop since rolling NFTs into the program.

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The upcoming Timecapsule NFT drop in March—the tenth of its kind from the global fashion giant—includes shirts that feature a final print of a three-part series designed by Italian photographer Enzo Ragazzini from his archive from the 60s. As with other Timecapsule drops, the shirts will be available in limited quantities, usually limited runs of 50 to 100, for only 24 hours.

The shirts also feature the iconic Prada enameled triangle logo with “MARCH” transferred onto the back. Each shirt comes with a unique NFT which, among other things, grants the holder access to exclusive Prada benefits (e.g., physical fashion shows) as well as to holders-only channels and functions on Prada’s Crypted NFT community on Discord (a Discord user account is required).

As with all merchandise drops in Prada’s Timecapsule series dating back to December 2019, each item in the March 2023 drop—Prada’s tenth since June 2022 when it started issuing digital twin NFTs to go with each monthly Timecapsule drop—has a unique serial number (seen on the back of the shirt) that aligns to the matching NFT. Timescapsule items also include an RFID tag and an NFC chip.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:March 1, 2023



Prada Sets to Launch Tenth Timecapsule NFT Collection

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