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Prada To Launch Phygital Timecapsule NFT Collection And Matching Discord Community

Milestone Date: June 2, 2022


There’s big news coming from luxury house Prada. The fashion giant announced it will launch a “Prada Crypted” Discord-based town square where brand enthusiasts can engage with each other and members of the Prada team. Also, as part of its phygital strategy, Prada announced a program that involves pairing NFTs as digital twins to physical items, aka the “physical twins.” This program will be aligned to Prada’s existing Timescapsule series of monthly drops involving a collection of shirts and sweaters, the first of which was issued in December 2019.

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According to Prada’s press release, “the Timecapsule is a monthly online event: for 24 hours, on the first Thursday of every month, an exclusive [physical] item is made available on prada.com in very limited quantities, in selected markets. Each limited-edition Timecapsule item is associated with a unique serial number and is delivered with custom packaging.”

The first Timecapsule drop to be included with the NFT program will be on June 2, 2022. Customers will be able to purchase a limited-edition shirt designed in collaboration with artist Cassius Hirst (son of English artist Damien Hirst), showcasing his signature mask and brain-scan designs. However, according to Prada, buyers of previous months’ drops from the Timecapsule collection dating back to the first drop in December 2019 will retroactively have an opportunity to get digital-twin NFTs to match their physical possessions as well.

The June 2022 drop of Prada’s Timecapsule collection – the first drop to be accompanied by NFTs since the collection first started in December 2019 – features shirts designed by Cassius Hirst (son of English artist Damien Hirst) showcasing his signature mask and brain-scan designs.

According to a Prada press release, “The NFT includes the drop serial number and the numbering of each physical item in order to have an exact correspondence. NFT owners are then offered exclusive benefits and experiences as well as access to future drops. Prada Timecapsule NFTs are issued on the Ethereum blockchain... The drop is facilitated by leveraging the Aura Blockchain Consortium’s NFT Solution and technology.” Acquiring the NFTs will require using a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum and according to a Prada FAQ, the only wallet supported is MetaMask. The Aura Blockchain Consortium is a joint effort involving Prada Group, LVMH, Cartier, OTB Group, and Mercedes-Benz.

Prada is also launching its Discord server community “Prada Crypted,” where people with interests in fashion, art, architecture, Web3, cinema, and more can come together to interact, collaborate, and support each other. This server is open for anyone to join and is not token-gated. However, certain channels within the server are likely to be gated for NFT-holders only, based on a verification process that depends on Vulcan’s or Collab.Land Discord bots (NFT holders can pick which of the two to use).

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:June 2, 2022



Prada Will Launch a Ethereum-Based NFT Collection


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