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Subway Accepts Bitcoin Payments Via Lightning Network

Milestone Date: November 9, 2022


Subway, the largest franchise in the world, is back at it again with Bitcoin. A few franchise locations in Berlin, Germany are running trials using the Bitcoin Lightning Network to accept payments.

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Since using the Bitcoin Lightning Network to accept payments, the franchise owner has recorded 120 transactions over the past few months. “Five years ago, I started to deal with cryptocurrencies; and in the last two years, I have dealt very intensively with the topic of Bitcoin. With that in mind, I’ve decided that [Bitcoin] could be the better money system,” said Daniel Hinze, the Berlin Subway franchise owner.

To encourage customers to make purchases with Bitcoin, Hinze is offering 10% off all footlongs, meatball marinaras, and cookies paid for with Bitcoin. When the campaign started, he offered 50% off all orders paid with Bitcoin for the first week.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network provides customers with faster settlement times and lower fees thanks to the peer-to-peer network of payments.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:November 9, 2022



ubway accepts Bitcoin, so users can get a sandwich on the Lightning Network


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