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Wrangler Launches Blockchain Traceable NFT Vintage Clothing Program

Milestone Date: February 27, 2024


Wrangler, the 77-year-old global brand that’s well known for its rodeo-themed denim clothing, has launched a prototype for phygitally twinning its physical fashionwear with digital, blockchain-based NFTs to improve lifetime novelty and traceability. The prototype, created in collaboration with vintage clothing brand MNTGE, was launched at Future Fashion Week, a satellite event that took place during the 2024 edition of NFT Paris.

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One of Wrangler’s apparent motivations for the program was the discovery of a tranche of decades-old Wrangler-branded items in a barn in Germany. Relying on that and other inventory involving western shirts and jackets dating as far back as the 1970s, Wrangler and MNTGE produced a collection of 60 vintage items, each of which was priced at approximately US$2600 and retrofitted with a near field communications (NFC) chip paired to a specific Ethereum-based NFT.

This initial foray into phygitally twinning Wrangler’s wares with NFTs is part of a larger “Reborn” program that Wrangler started in 2022. The program is connected to Wrangler’s corporate values program, which involves the company’s commitment to sustainability through the repurposing and “re-loving” of its previously worn merchandise.

For each of the 60 items, Wrangler has apparently gone to the effort of rebuilding the apparel’s history right down to the period of manufacture. Using the NFC-paired NFTs, the general idea is to not only make it possible for customers to trace the history of their items but also to learn about the history and values of the Wrangler brand. During Future Fashion Week 2024, Wrangler global creative and concept director Sean Gormley noted how the NFTs can be updated as each garment accumulates more history.

By David Berlind

Published:February 27, 2024



Jean Manufacturer Wrangler Unveils NFC-Chipped Traceable Vintage Denims

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