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Alternative Airlines Announces It Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

Milestone Date: November 14, 2019


UK-based travel company Alternative Airlines, in partnership with Utrust, has announced that it is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for flights. The move is part of the company's efforts to cater to the growing number of travelers who prefer to use digital currencies for transactions. Customers can also pay for flights with Ethereum, Dash, DigiByte and Utrust’s native token UTK, one of many ERC-20-compliant tokens found on the Ethereum distributed public ledger.

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Alternative Airlines Flight BookingAlternative Airlines Flight Booking

Alternative Airlines is partnering with crypto payment processor Utrust to enable crypto payments. Customers who pay with crypto will be redirected to the Utrust platform, where they can complete the transaction using their digital wallet. The payment will then be converted into fiat currency and settled with Alternative Airlines. Utrust allows customers to search from over 650 airlines such as Delta, United, British Airways, Virgin, and Emirates.

The decision to accept cryptocurrency is a significant move for Alternative Airlines, as it allows the company to tap into the rapidly growing crypto market. It also provides customers with a more convenient and secure means of payment, as digital currencies offer faster transaction times and lower fees than traditional payment methods.

“For business or leisure, flight travel can be expensive with consumers saving for months to afford a trip. Considered a high ticket item, it is imperative that consumers are protected when booking flights. Utrust is providing Alternative Airlines’ customers with the increased security and convenience of cryptocurrency payments — as well as reduced processing fees — to bring greater transparency and trust to the world of online payments,” said Utrust CEO, Nuno Correia.

The move towards digital currencies in the travel industry reflects a broader trend to support the mainstream adoption of crypto, as more businesses across a range of industries begin to recognize the benefits of engaging customers through the acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:June 10, 2022



Travel Company Allows Customers to Book Flights With Bitcoin


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