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Bud Light Hints At Using NFT In Super Bowl Commercial

Milestone Date: January 20, 2022

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Budweiser’s Bud Light brand is causing a stir due to its recent Twitter profile picture change. The new profile image is a beer-themed avatar based on a Nouns NFT.

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What’s more interesting is that the Nouns Foundation purchased the Noun #179 NFT and gave it to Bud Light in exchange for the following actions according to this Nouns Foundation proposal that passed on January 16th:

  • Include Noun glasses in a 2022 Super Bowl commercial.
  • Change their Twitter avatar to feature Noun glasses.
  • May produce a limited run of real beverage cans featuring custom Noun packaging for distribution to Noun holders (of legal drinking age) at key events in some markets.

The move comes as a surprise given that it was barely five months ago when Budweiser changed its Twitter profile picture to the Rocket Factory NFT for which it paid approximately US$25,000.

Bud Light has not confirmed plans to use the NFT in its 2022 Super Bowl commercial; however, since Bud Light already changed its Twitter avatar, the next step may be in that direction.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:January 20, 2022



Bud Light Owns a Nouns Ethereum NFT—And May Use It in Super Bowl Ad


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