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Bud Light Is Giving NFT Holders Physical Nouns NFT-Inspired Glasses

Milestone Date: February 12, 2022

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Bud Light shared big news today. In a tweet, the brand shared that it is making history by featuring the first-ever NFTs and first DAO in a Super Bowl commercial, and Bud Light N3XT NFT holders will receive an exclusive pair of Nouns-inspired glasses.

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In January, Bud Light (an Anheuser-Busch InBev brand) was given a beer-themed Nouns NFT by the Nouns Foundation as part of a proposal that hinted that Bud Light would put "Noun glasses in a Super Bowl commercial and on real beverage cans.” Shortly after this, Bud Light announced it would launch its first NFT collection called Bud Light N3XT. This 12,000-piece NFT collection is pricing each NFT at US$399 and is tied to the launch of the brand’s first zero-carb beer brand N3XT.

As part of today’s news, Bud Light N3XT NFT holders will receive a real-life physical pair of Nouns-inspired glasses, which appear in Bud Light’s Super Bowl LVI commercial.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:February 12, 2022



Bud Light to Give NFT Holders Physical Glasses Inspired by Nouns NFTs


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