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Budweiser And FIFA Launching Exclusive World Cup NFT Collection

Milestone Date: October 14, 2022

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Starting December 15th, soccer fans can access an exclusive experience by minting a World Cup NFT as part of an exclusive collection resulting from a collaboration between Budweiser’s Budverse and FIFA. Each of the NFTs is $100 and promises unique experiences for their holders.

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Holders of the World Cup NFT will be able to access the Budverse Penalty Kick Mini Game where they can select their favorite team. Game players can create their own character, shoot penalty kicks to earn points, and compete to climb up a leaderboard. Also, once a favorite team is selected, that team’s real-time progress in the World Cup can be tracked by NFT holders. Admittedly, this isn’t difficult to do via other means like Google, but it certainly marks the first NFT that allows holders to track a sports team in real time.

Holders also get a Budweiser Football Merch Kit that includes one Budweiser Football trading card, one Budweiser World Cup scarf, and one Budweiser aluminum cup. And finally, NFT holders are automatically entered into a contest to win a Budverse x FIFA World Cup 360 experience, a hospitality package including:

  • Five-star hotel accommodation for two
  • World Cup Finals and Third-place match tickets in Doha, Qatar
  • All-inclusive food and beverages
  • Exclusive experiences in Doha

Both Budweiser (an Anheuser-Busch InBev brand) and FIFA care about bringing communities together and this collaboration is a relatively rare experience where two brand giants are experimenting with blockchain to see if the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:October 14, 2022



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