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Crown Royal Launches Its First Digital Collectible To Give Back

Milestone Date: November 24, 2022


Crown Royal, the world’s number-one selling Canadian whiskey brand collaborated with Salesforce, Diageo, and Vayner3 to launch its first NFT campaign titled “That Deserves a Crown.” The campaign was launched during the live NFL game on Thanksgiving 2022.

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Crown Royal NFT & Metaverse ProgramCrown Royal NFT & Metaverse Program

Campaign participants can send an NFT to someone who makes a difference in their life. Once the NFT is claimed, Crown Royal will send a Crown Royal Purple Bag that includes food, hygiene products, and entertainment items to an active-duty American military member. 75,000 of these Crown Royal NFTs will also be available for purchase.

The NFT minting process is handled by Crossmint, which only requires an email address. No crypto wallet address is required, making the experience super easy for participants. Recipients of the NFT will get their digital crowns through a Crossmint custodial wallet linked to their email address used when sending the NFT.

Following up on its application for various Web3-related trademarks, Crown Royal is now looking to introduce new approaches to brand and consumer interaction while opening doors for its loyalty programs and philanthropic initiatives.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:November 24, 2022



Crown Royal’s digital collectible sends care packages to troops

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