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Doritos Launches Metaverse Experience On Decentraland

Milestone Date: February 24, 2023


Everyone’s favorite triangle snack, Doritos, is bringing its golden goodness to the metaverse on Dencentraland for a limited time. The brand announced that its metaverse, called “Doritos Triangle Studios,” will be available to enter on Decentraland starting on February 8, 2023 and that there will be two games to play where participants can qualify for giveaways.

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Doritos NFT & Metaverse ProgramDoritos NFT & Metaverse Program

During February 8-10th, users will be able to enter the Doritos Triangle Studios metaverse experience on Decentraland and create their own NFT avatar to represent their identity in each of two games; Beat Blaster and Triangle Tower. Participants can customize their avatar’s skin, hair, clothing, and accessories. Players are encouraged to create custom music beats, play games, and collect points to have a chance to win gaming PCs, a Clone-X by RTFKT (now part of the Web3 studio at Nike), or a Meebits by Larva Labs.

There are also eight limited-edition digital wearables up for grabs. To learn how to collect them all, users are directed to check out the gallery on the 1st floor of Doritos Triangle Studios for instructions. The wearables will be minted on the Polygon blockchain.

Doritos is using this three-day metaverse experience as an innovative way to connect with its fans and build relationships with its consumers in Web3.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:February 24, 2023



Doritos Launches Metaverse Experience with Free NFT Giveaways


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