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G-Shock X Doodles Watch Including Digital Twin NFT Launches At $169

Milestone Date: February 15, 2024

Digital Twin

Following up on its impressive Web3 efforts, the Japanese watch brand Casio launched physical watches in collaboration with the “blue-chip” NFT brand Doodles in February 2024. More than your typical watch, each co-produced Doodles-themed accessory is “phygitally” twinned to a matching blockchain-based NFT.

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The highly anticipated collaboration between Doodles and G-Shock was first teased in a post from the company’s X account on January 31, 2024.

The collaboration resulted in a watch that seamlessly blends the durability and innovation of G-Shock with the unique artistic flair of Doodles. Designed by Burnt Toast and the creative Doodles team, the watch incorporates the original triple-indicator DW-6900B model, adorned with the playful "Touch Grass" motif – a Web3-culture reminder to pause and enjoy life’s little moments.

The watch features an LED backlight that, when activated, reveals Doodles' signature smiling character face. Additionally, the case back is engraved with an image of Doodles' character, Hap. It also comes in special tin packaging, making it a true collector's item.

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In an innovative fusion of physical and digital worlds (AKA “phygital”), each G-Shock x G-Shock watch comes equipped with an IYK NFC chip that links it to a digital twin NFT within the Doodles blockchain ecosystem. By tapping a phone against the chipped sticker on the packaging, customers can redeem a digital collectible in The Stoodio – blending tangible collectibles and digital assets.

The G-Shock x Doodles watch collaboration marks another milestone in collectible culture, offering enthusiasts an interesting blend of physical craftsmanship (the watch) and Web3 innovation (the NFT). Such phygital marriages are becoming more commonplace in the world of fashion as designer brands look to offer not only something collectible but also an immutable certificate of authenticity using blockchain technology.

The watches were available for purchase in-store at 2G Tokyo from February 9-11 and online on February 15 via the Doodles web store. In Japan, the watch was priced at 27,500 yen, tax included, while international customers could acquire it for $169 USD through the doodles.app, with payment options including credit cards and PayPal.

This launch not only caters to those immersed in the digital NFT space but also to traditional collectors and watch fans – bridging multiple audiences. This move also comes during a time when Doodles is aiming to expand out of just blockchain markets and into a full entertainment company. Doodles co-founder Jordan Castro, aka “Poopie,” posted a statement in the community Discord in March saying, “We’re trying to go from a startup to a leading media franchise. We are no longer an “NFT project.”

Continuing to carry out these efforts, Doodles previously collaborated with other notable brands, like Crocs, to create custom footwear back in August 2023.

By Sophie Waldman

Published:February 14, 2024


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