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Irish Distillers International Files Web3 Trademarks For Jameson Whiskey Brand

Milestone Date: January 25, 2023

Food and Beverage

Founded in 1780, Jameson Whiskey is a legacy spirits enterprise under the Irish Distillers International umbrella. Fast forward to January 23, 2023, the company has filed for trademark registration of JAMESON with plans to enter Web3.

The trademark application drops major hints at plans for NFTs and a metaverse (the two often go together). Among the specifics mentioned are virtual clothing, footwear, and alcoholic beverages related to the Jameson brand. Additionally, they plan to develop NFT trading software, establish stores dedicated to virtual goods and NFTs, create an NFT trading marketplace, and even venture into the realm of virtual bars and restaurants.

Through these initiatives, Irish Distillers International plans to expand the reach and presence of the JAMESON brand in the virtual space, exploring new avenues for engagement and interaction with consumers.

For some fun history, the number “3” is near and dear to the Jameson Whiskey brand. According to the company’s website, John Jameson, the founder, “died on the 3rd December, 1823 at the ripe old age of eighty-three. Now take a look at the number of times “3” appears in that last sentence. It’s no wonder we still distill three times to this very day. It’s a number very special to us.” It’s no coincidence that the company chose January 23, 2023 to document its step into Web3 (ahem, “Web3.” Get it?). Apparently, it couldn’t wait until March (the third month of the year) to really make its point.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:January 25, 2023



Irish Distillers Files for NFT & Metaverse-related Trademarks

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