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Lacoste Launches “World Tour” In The Sandbox To Celebrate 90th Anniversary

Milestone Date: November 23, 2023


To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Lacoste has launched its World Tour in The Sandbox until December 7th. Similar to the way it has gamified other parts of its Web3 user experiences, the Lacoste metaverse challenges holders of Lacoste NFTs to compete for prizes.

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Users can find unique locations around Lacoste Island, where the Lacoste King will task them to discover secrets in the form of mini-games. Each Lacoste-themed location within the world will be filled with crocodiles, explorers, and even tennis players. Users can complete missions and quests for a chance to win a piece of the 100,000 SAND prize pool. To participate, players must hold a Lacoste NFT or UNDW3 card and go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

This development merges the worlds of fashion, sport, and technology innovation while inviting the Lacoste community to further connect to the brand and its heritage. This is not the first time Lacoste has emerged in the metaverse. Last year, the brand launched a store in the metaverse to revolutionize how customers engage with the brand and shop.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:November 24, 2023



The Lacoste World Tour goes live in The Sandbox


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