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Mercedes-Benz Files Web3 Trademark Application

Milestone Date: December 14, 2022

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Auto giant Mercedes-Benz has filed Web3-related trademarks for Mercedes Benz, Mercedes, S-Class, G-Class, and Maybach.

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The application, shared by attorney Mike Kondoudis, states the company’s plans for NFTs, virtual clothing and goods, financial services, cryptocurrency trading, and more.

Mercedes-Benz isn’t the first auto company to file a Web3 trademark. American automaker Ford Motor Company filed 19 trademark applications across its primary car brands in September 2022. Luxury automaker Porsche announced it will launch its first NFT collection in January 2023.

Web3 provides auto enterprises with an opportunity to redefine customer engagement in the automotive industry, as well as innovating the recordkeeping process of a vehicle’s history by leveraging NFTs.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:December 14, 2022


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