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Nike Announces First DotSWOOSH Digital Collection: Our Force 1

Milestone Date: April 14, 2023

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Months after launching its Web3 platform, Nike has announced its first digital collection under its dotSWOOSH Web3 brand. The initial collection, titled Our Force 1 (OF1), will consist of NFT-based digital sneaker boxes that pull inspiration from Nike’s iconic Air Force 1 sneaker silhouette.

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The OF1 collection was co-created by Nike and members of the dotSWOOSH community. Members were invited to submit design candidates. Then, once the submission process was over, the community selected which design candidates would be featured in the drop.

The drop included two types of boxes, the Classic Remix and the New Wave, each of which contained a random virtual reincarnated sneaker from 1982 to 2006 or 2007 to the present day. It was also announced that the collection would mint – go live with primary market sales – on May 8, 2024. In the world of blockchain, a primary market sale typically involves the initial sale of a newly minted token. In contrast, a secondary market sale happens when the holder of an existing token decides to sell it to another party.

Each NFT will be minted using the Polygon public blockchain that runs as a Layer 2 (L2) chain on top of Ethereum. The NFTs will be sold for US $19.82, a number that pays homage to the first year of Nike’s Air Force 1 brand.

Image courtesy of Nike dotSWOOSH (.SWOOSH)

In a form of token gating, the OF1 collection will be available exclusively to dotSWOOSH members who already hold an AF1 poster token. Free AF1 poster tokens were airdropped to the crypto wallets of randomly selected dotSWOOSH memes on April 18th. On May 10th, the remainder of the dotSWOOSH community will have the option to purchase up to four OF1 NFTs. Upon purchasing the NFTs, holders will have the option to unbox and reveal the sneaker inside or keep the box and shoe inside sealed and undisclosed.

OF1 token holders will also receive a downloadable 3D file that matches their digital OF1 sneaker.

According to the dotSWOOSH official announcement, “In the near future, we will introduce the utility and benefits within these unique Nike Virtual Creations. Some can unlock access to exclusive physical products or experiences, while others can unlock more virtual creations with deeper stories behind them.”

By Sophie Waldman

Published:March 28, 2024



Nike Is Releasing Its First Digital Sneaker Collection on .Swoosh


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