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Nike Launches DotSWOOSH

Milestone Date: November 14, 2022

Customer Engagement

On November 14, Nike launched its dotSWOOSH Web3 platform. In a continuation of the sports apparel giant’s experimentation with digital experiences, Nike established dotSWOOSH as a beta program for engaging brand fans and customers with a blend of digital creations and products that are natively tied to blockchain technology.

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Nike coined dotSWOOSH (a.k.a. “.SWOOSH) as a domain on which users will be able to create their own accounts (linked to their non-custodial digital wallets) with the .swoosh domain added (e.g., John. swoosh). Members will have access to Nike’s collectible virtual creations in the form of NFTs; they will also be able to learn about Web3 and blockchain technologies and participate in dotSWOOSH-exclusive experiences and collections.

The platform launched in beta, with registration opening November 18, 2022, at welcome.swoosh.nike. Users needed a special access code – which they earned during a variety of engagements with the Nike brand over social media and other channels – in order to create their dotSWOOSH accounts. Those who were unable to get a special code added their name to a waiting list for entry into the program.

Instead of initially opening the program to the general public, dotSWOOSH prioritized onboarding through “local communities that Nike supports across its diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, starting with the United States and select countries in Europe, and skill-building with them so that they’re ready to participate,” as cited in Nike Newsroom’s official announcement.

dotSWOOSH aims “to offer an inclusive, equitable place for athletes, creators, collectors, and consumers to design and own the future of sport,” Nike stated. The platform launched with the promise of having both digital and physical products while also hinting at gaming assets, merchandise, and events like “intimate conversations with athletes or designers.”

The official announcement also mentioned that Nike would “debut its first digital collection, shaped by the platform's community” and that members would be able to submit entries to co-create with the brand. It was also stated that selected winners will be eligible to earn royalties on those co-creations.

“We are shaping a marketplace of the future with an accessible platform for the Web3-curious. In this new space, the [dotSWOOSH] community and Nike can create, share, and benefit together,” said Ron Faris, General Manager of Nike Virtual Studios.

By Sophie Waldman

Published:March 26, 2024




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