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Toyota Releases “Dream Car” Charity NFT Collection In Israel

Milestone Date: March 9, 2023


Over a relatively short period of time, Toyota appears to be experimenting with all sorts of targeted blockchain projects. In October 2022, its luxury automotive division Lexus announced it would be issuing NFT-based certificates of completion to participants in its performance driving school. Earlier this year, it launched some NFTs at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon. Now, it has released a limited-edition Toyota Dream Car NFT collection in an effort to strengthen communities and support charity.

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The Toyota Dream Car NFT collection drew its inspiration from over a thousand drawings from children who shared their creative visions of the future of mobility. Seven core wireframes were derived from those drawings and then a variety of components from other drawings were layered onto those wireframes to generate this 500-piece NFT collection. Union Motors, a Toyota importer to Israel, will donate all the proceeds from this collection to charity. The collection can be viewed on OpenSea.

Toyota is a brand that’s dedicated to building a better future in the automotive industry as well as providing opportunities for doing social good. This project leverages NFTs and blockchain technology to engage the community and give back, furthering one of the company’s missions to do social good.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:March 3, 2023


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Toyota Dream Car NFT Collection overview


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