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Wynn Resorts Files Web3 Trademark Application

Milestone Date: May 17, 2023

Trademarks & Intellectual Property

Wynn Resorts, a prominent luxury resorts and casinos brand, is entering into the NFT and metaverse arena by filing six trademarks for “WYNN” and “DESERT INN.”

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Wynn Resorts NFT & Metaverse ProgramWynn Resorts NFT & Metaverse Program

According to the application shared by attorney Mike Kondoudis, the company intends to offer virtual retail services in the metaverse where customers can shop for products such as apparel, keychains, drinkware, gaming tables, casino chips, and more. Users can also explore the resort hotel, casino, services, and entertainment venues like nightclubs, bars, and restaurants within the virtual resort environment.

Additionally, Wynn Resorts also intends to build an online marketplace where users can access “virtual charms, crypto-collectibles, and blockchain-based non-fungible valuables in the field of gaming” that are authenticated by NFTs – and users can buy, sell, and trade these digital assets.

Wynn Resorts' proactive approach to integrating NFTs and metaverse elements into its brand strategy reflects a forward-thinking approach to customer engagement. As consumers increasingly seek unique digital interactions, this move positions Wynn Resorts to offer innovative solutions beyond conventional hospitality.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:April 12, 2023



Wynn Resorts joins NFT and Metaverse craze with Trademark Application

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