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Blockchain Project: Valentino NFT & Metaverse Program

Valentino entered Web3 in December 2020, launching Valentino Insights. Valentino Insights is a virtual world which intended to provide an as-needed platform for hybrid virtual shopping for all Valentino products: the platform is presented in episodes, rather than in perpetuity.

In June 2021, during the Valentino Chapter at SoHo House NY, Maison Valentino hosted an NFT exhibition featuring the work of Matthew Stone. 

In September 2021, Valentino released the Valentino Roman Palazzo Collection, an architectural VR experience featuring NFTs. This month also saw the release of an NFT titled "Astral Garden," on view in a room in Valentino Insights during the platform's second episode.

In February 2023, Valentino announced the formation of a partnership with UNXD: this partnership was designed build out a more formal foundation for Valentino's ventures into Web3, including digital experiences, phygital merchandise, and metaverse projects. Valentino's initial project with UNXD explores the intersection of virtual fashion, physical craftsmanship, and curated community experiences. 

In July 2023, Valentino partnered with Meta, creating a six-piece collection to use with VR avatars across Meta's platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger). A follow-up collection is on the books for later release.

In November 2023, Valentino announced a partnership with Snap, for which Valentino created a Bitmoji fashion collection for styling Snap avatars (available to purchase with Snap tokens).


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Valentino Announces Bitmoji Collaboration With Snap to Dress Avatars

November 11, 2023Launchedreference iconreference iconreference icon

Valentino Partners With Meta to Create Avatar Accessories

July 7, 2023Launchedreference iconreference iconreference icon

Valentino Announces UNXD Will Build Out Valentino Metaverse

February 8, 2023Launchedreference iconreference iconreference icon

Valentino Releases 2nd Episode of Valentino Insights + "Astral Garden" NFT

September 8, 2021Launchedreference iconreference iconreference icon

Valentino Enters Web3 With "Valentino Insights" Platform

December 1, 2020Announcedreference iconreference iconreference iconreference icon
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