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Bud Light Announces Plans To Launch First NFT Collection

Milestone Date: January 27, 2022

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Anheuser-Busch is launching the first NFT collection for its Bud Light brand. The NFT collection is called “Bud Light N3XT Collection” and will include 12,722 unique tokens. It will be available to consumers who are 21+ years of age.

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Bud Light NFT ProgramBud Light NFT Program

The NFT collection launch from Bud Light (an Anheuser-Busch InBev brand) is part of a broader launch of the company’s first zero-carb beer. Those who purchase an NFT from the Bud Light N3XT Collection will have an opportunity to vote on Bud Light N3XT merchandise, access to Bud Light NEXT events and more. While all the details have not yet been made public, the brand said it will eventually share a roadmap for the program.

“It’s new for us,” Bud Light senior digital director Corey Brown told The Block. “I think the most important thing is making sure that we are keeping our consumers in mind. That this isn’t a marketing stunt. We’ve done a lot so far to make sure that we have the right partners in the space and we’re doing things as authentically to the community as we can.”

This news comes shortly after Bud Light changed its Twitter avatar to a beer-themed Nouns NFT and could be one of the first examples of a popular consumer brand that’s on the verge of launching a new product while also including an NFT program as a part of that product’s launch strategy. Although it’s still very early for NFT-based customer engagement programs, most such programs are introduced after the related product is already on the market.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:January 27, 2022



Beer giant Anheuser-Busch launches NFT project for Bud Light

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