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Casio Announces “Virtual G-Shock” Web3 Community

Milestone Date: September 23, 2023

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Casio, the Japanese watchmaker, took a stride towards the future of digital interactivity and community engagement with the announcement of its "Virtual G-Shock" project.

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On September 4, Casio unveiled Virtual G-Shock, a Web3 initiative designed to foster collaboration and community through next-generation technology. As stated by the brand, the project is not to be considered as a product but instead, as an official community for Casio to provide new experiences and a platform for fan-driven co-creation.

The project's first phase of the launch introduced a dedicated Discord channel and the G-Shock Creator Pass, an NFT minted on the Polygon blockchain. The digital collectibles were set at a supply of 15,000 and distributed for free on September 23.

In order to attain a Creator Pass, users were required to sign up for a free Casio ID (or have an existing one) with their email, birthday, and country. Those interested also had to set up or connect a MetaMask digital wallet in order to claim the free NFT.

The G-Shock Creator Pass NFT was limited to one per wallet and can’t be configured to be resold or transferred from users’ wallets (such tokens are often referred to as soul-bound tokens).

The Creator Pass serves as a key to taking part in shaping the future of Casio. Community members have the opportunity to achieve points based on their participation in events like design contests and co-creation activities. The project aims to reward dedicated members and Casio enthusiasts for their engagement and creativity.

Emphasizing the collaborative spirit of the Virtual G-Shock project, Casio announced the G-SHOCK Creator Pass Color Design Contest with the Pass’s launch. This initiative invited community members to play a direct role in the aesthetic decisions of the G-Shock Creator Pass by determining its colors, materials, and patterns. The winning design will be immortalized as the official look of the pass.

By Sophie Waldman

Published:September 4, 2023


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Casio Debuts ‘Virtual G-Shock’ Community with 15K Free NFT Passes

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