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Lacoste Expands Web3 Experience For Users Of Its UNDW3 Project

Milestone Date: June 29, 2023


Initially introduced in 2022, Lacoste is expanding the use case for its UNDW3 (pronounced “underwater”) non-fungible token (NFT) project. Holders of UNDW3 NFT Cards now can connect their wallet to access a deeper user experience, including participating in quests, interacting with Lacoste, and earning rewards like branded merchandise and physical twins (the physical twin to a digital NFT, the pair of which are sometimes called “phygital twins”).

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Lacoste NFT & Metaverse ProgramLacoste NFT & Metaverse Program

The quests, or “missions,” that users can complete include quizzes, votes, riddles, graphic creations, snapshots, and more. In order to participate in a mission, users must have a Discord account linked to their UNDW3 Cards, as most of the activities take place in Discord or on The Mission website. As users complete the missions, they will earn points—and what’s really cool is that the NFT will display the points, evolve graphically, and become more powerful in UNDW3.

Engaging with the Lacoste’s NFT and metaverse program at its most immersive level requires users to first possess an UNDW3 Card; an ERC-721 NFT that can be purchased through the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Once a user has been authenticated as a holder of Lacoste’s UNDW3 Card – a process that requires interaction with the UNDW3 Discord Server and a cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask – the UNDW3 website offers a variety of missions for the user.

The user earns points by correctly solving each challenge; in some cases, the “quest” may involve using the UNDW3 program’s website, Discord Server, Twitter feed, or other sources of information.

Lacoste released UNDW3 to be more innovative in the fashion industry by providing customers with an immersive experience to help garner brand loyalty. After launching UNDW3 in June 2022, Lacoste filed a metaverse-related trademark with the USPTO. In November 2022, Lacoste partnered with Euphoria, a Web3 development company, to launch a virtual store in the metaverse.

By Elizabeth Morrison

Published:June 29, 2023



Lacoste Updates UNDW3 Web3 Project, Expanding NFT Experience


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